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David D’Alessio

David D’Alessio
  • Business Development & Marketing Director, eVision technologies Ltd.

David D’Alessio, Business Development & Marketing Director, eVision technologies Ltd.
David has been heading Irish based eVision’s marketing and business development efforts since 2013. His entrepreneurial past includes 22 years leading an international, Italian based, manufacturing and distribution organisation, operating in parts and service intensive industries involving professional equipment, such as golf course, agricultural and outdoor maintenance machinery; where efficient parts management, high fill-rates, speed and ease of service constitute a vital prerequisite to success.
Being initially faced with a predominantly paper based, manual and resource intensive organisation David brought innovation to the aftermarket division by implementing modern forecasting tools, greater parts inventory management (whilst increasing fill-rates), interactive parts catalogues, aftermarket portals and e-commerce; thus significantly increasing customer loyalty whilst reducing costs and improving efficiency.
Based in northern Italy, David travels extensively, has worked with many service leading organisations around the globe and is fluent in English and Italian.

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