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Tord Ringenhall

Tord Ringenhall
  • Vice President Services, Navetti

Tord Ringenhall, Vice President Services, Navetti
Tord Ringenhall is Vice President at Navetti, responsible for consulting and delivery of Navetti PricePoint™, the pricing system. Tord is managing the Navetti team of pricing experts, configuration and integration specialist cross all Navetti’s offices and he has +15 years of industry experience. He started his career within research and development within Envac, a green tech company, from there he continued to DeLaval where initially working with their sales configuration tool and later as a Global Product Manager including among other the pricing responsibility for an offering sold in +200 countries consisting of 6000 products. Tord holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Engineering Physics from Umeå University.

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